Signing 3-5 Clients has been hard so far? How are your beliefs creating these results?

Signing 3-5 Clients has been hard so far? How are your beliefs creating these results?

Have you ever thought and stop yourself from doing something because you heard in your head:

“This is too hard, too difficult”

“This works for her/him and not for me”

“This is not possible for me, I don’t have all the answers, I don’t know how to

“I don’t know how to make this work”

These thoughts is what is creating the same results you don’t want to have.

I hate to break up up for you, but I have to…

There is no a magic pill, there are some thoughts that if you don’t choose intentionally to let go and replace with more empowering ones…

“I can do challenging things, I’m not different than anyone”

“It will work for me, because I’ve truly decided, not only with words but with my actions”

“I may don’t have all the answers, but I’m invested in really find what I need to make it work, this is something I really want so if is in my heart, is there for a reason”

Do you notice the difference, instead talking yourself out of it, that you’re not ready or is not for you?

Really, your current thoughts will always stop you from achieving your desires.

Your results in your business is directly related to the way you’re seeing yourself.

The way you talk yourself out of doing something scary.

Let me tell you this… fear of doing something you’ve never done before will always be there.

Unless you face it, you won’t change your results.

This is part of your journey as an entrepreneur.

No one said to you it would be easy, but it is possible, if you really wanted.

It’s simply about you stop selling yourself short and finally valuing who you are.

Stop pointing out what you don’t have, focus in the ways you can make it work.

You’re a solution solver, if you decided to be, that’s the way of growing and getting what you want.

It’s all about you being honest with yourself if you really want this.

If so, STAYING COMMITTED with what you said is important to you and find ways to not delay anymore.

If is about getting coaching support, accountability and have strategies that work in hands, make it work.

We can find ways to accomplish goals, if that is really important to us.


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