How to Overcome Fear of Investing in Your Business and Decide to Trust in You

How to Overcome Fear of Investing in Your Business and Decide to Trust in You

😯 Have you ever wanted to invest in a high ticket offer and at the last minute stopped yourself because the investment was too high?

🙌 At the same time you wanted to join the program because getting the clients and sales after learning what you need from this program would be really incredible!

😣 But at the same time you felt fear.

Feels like a nervous in your stomach stopping you at the last minute to not make the investment.

⏰ You thought about this wasn’t the right time and made sense at the moment.

You felt like you needed to bring your feet to reality and you convince yourself that you’d get results yourself, if you just study more, work harder, figure out other ways.

Here is the question…

❓How is that going for you? How do you feel so far with your results?

😔 I’ve been there and know the feeling… It feels hard to say no when you know yes is a much better answer.

However you feel you want…

➡️ To be responsible and get things in control, but month’s pass and feels like you’re stuck in the same place with the same kind of results and that’s frustrating!

Lately I talked to coaches with high levels of stress in their lack of results and not investing in themselves.

👩🏻‍💻 Even if they inspire so many other people every day, they doubt themselves when it comes to their business.

😣 They are afraid of not following through.

🎯 They are coaches with a lot of value to share and looking at the limitations and not at possibilities.

They are holding in their hands the solution for their clients…

❓But why they are not where they want to be?

The problem is…

😔 They keep doubting themselves, asking if they’re actually going to be able to get the results, or doing the work that needs to be done…

If they are really ready to jump on the next level results they desire.

⏰ Let me let this clear for you, you won’t ever feel ready until you decide you are ready.

It won’t be never a right time if you don’t jump into courage before you feel ready.

😀 Confidence comes from bold actions and doing something different to not staying in the same place.

👉 You are capable, the only limitation is in your mind, the truth is that you’re going to be ok investing in yourself.

👉 Your investment will pay off, you’re getting the support and answers that you need.

👉 You’re going to be fully supported, you’re going to be guided to the sales and clients you’re wishing to have right now.

🙌 This is the power of you telling yourself YES.

✔️ You are worthy.
✔️ You are enough.

👉 Give yourself the gift of believing in you and your business.

Let me ask you this…

👉 Are you ready to sell your 1:1 coaching programs and sign high ticket clients?

⏰ Now is the moment, think about you and what you want to achieve now. ⠀ ⠀

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