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Why Anxiety Can Get on the Way For You to Lose Weight and How to Overcome?

In this class I will share with you why anxiety is blocking your results and how to deal with this problem.


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Veronica S., 34

 I wake up every morning and I look forward to my days, no more stressing about breakfast and lunch and whether I should go out for dinner or stay home on my couch.  I think the biggest change is that I spend more time having fun and no time thinking about my weight.  I just want to thank you for all you share with us.

Claire H., 42

I took everything in the food, now I have control and I know what I want, I feel free and happy. I feel that I have control, the course goes beyond the weight loss.

Pamela V. N., 32

Today I accept receiving praise, I eliminated 33lbs without trying, I just changed my mind and that was the biggest change I could, I’m sure that from now on I will be able to finish everything I want in my life.

Caroline P., 37

 I wish I’d done this sooner but better now than never at all, is a way different approach to reprogram our emotions. I’ve stepped into my feminine and I’m taking care of myself. 

Carla P., 35

I have discovered that I deserve to be happy, I am responsible for my choices and I am not alone on this journey!

Helen C., 27

It was the best investment I ever made! At first I did not think I could, I had tried everything from diets to slimming pills and nothing had lasting results, since I lost 37lbs, I did not go back to gain weight. I know it’s definitive now, now I believe in myself!

Natalie L., 37

 I knew that I needed something different as the thought of trying to diet feeling the way I did was never going to work. I can’t believe the difference in myself over the last few months. My eating habits have completely changed, I’m taking more care of myself and I love to do this now.

Glaucia C., 33

It was a great trip of discovery, I feel happier and with self-esteem recovered, today I learned to love myself and my relationship with people has improved a lot, besides having control in front of the food is priceless. I just have to thank the program and the group’s affection.

Marie Anne B., 46

Ana is so passionate and genuine with her approach that I knew after our first session she was the thing I had been looking for.  I feel more confident in my body than I’ve ever done and that’s after 20+ years of hating my body!

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We will send you an email informing you of the release of each class. So it is VERY IMPORTANT that you have correctly entered your email.

Until when will the classes at the Slimming Workshop be available?

The classes will be available until the number available (100) of students fill the spots, you gotta be quick on taking action.

How much will be the investment value of the Closed Course?

I will send an email with all the information of the Course, as well as investment value.

What is “Award Winning Comment”?

On the first day and the last day of the Workshop, we will reward the best comments from the classes. Our criterion of choice will be: a comment that expresses in a profound way how the lesson made sense to you. Awards: lectures, motivational audios or even my trainings.

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Ana Patrício

Weight loss coach, creator of the WLPW – Weight Loss Power Within Program.

After I struggled for so many years with my weight and tried many ways to get in shape (diets, weight loss pills, hours at the gym, hypnosis and nothing works…). I discover that the only way to get the results I was looking for, was by reprogramming my emotions. Since then, I have helped hundreds of people with my coaching and trainings.

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