Discover the Weight Loss Power Within You Program


How would you like to find your freedom with food, your weight and your body?

Have you already tried all types of diets and exercises, spent hours at the gym to achieve the dreamed results … And got ZERO results? 

This is frustrating.
You Wonder…
How do other people get slim and you don’t?
Or you’re someone that one time got slim …
But you didn’t maintain the body and weight you’ve got! 🙁
It turns out that this brings you ANXIETY and disappointment…
What happens later these feelings?
Do you end up mixing all EMOTIONS and FRUSTRATIONS going for FOOD later on?!



It’s time to free yourself from your past attempts and destructive eating habits.

Get the confidence in Yourself Again
I’m not talking about another Crash Diet!
YOU also DON’T NEED to take Weight Loss Pills!

Here is What you Need:

– Quit Starving Yourself

– Learn to Feel Your Feelings, Sensations and Be More Conscious

– You need to Learn How to REPROGRAM YOUR MIND

– Reach Your Mind Deeper, do what you decide to do and wasn’t able to do until now because Self sabotage.


Your Brain IS WHO COMMANDS Your Body.
Understand how you can STOP SELF SABOTAGE, LOSE WEIGHT SAFELY learning to Think Thin!

It’s time for you to start living your life to the full and experience a whole new level of fun, pleasure and body confidence NOW, not 10lb from now.

It’s time for you to acknowledge and then let go of the underlying REASONS and CAUSES of your food-weight/body struggles so you can reclaim your life.



Verônica S. L., 34

 I wake up every morning and I look forward to my days, no more stressing about breakfast and lunch and whether I should go out for dinner or stay home on my couch. I think the biggest change is that I spend more time having fun and no time thinking about my weight. I just want to thank you for all you share with us.

Fernanda Silva C., 27

It was the best investment I ever made! At first I did not think I could, I had tried everything from diets to slimming pills and nothing had lasting results, since I lost 37lbs, I did not go back to gain weight. I know it’s definitive now, now I believe in myself!

Caroline Pacheco F., 37

 I took everything in the food, now I have control and I know what I want, I feel free and happy. I feel that I have control, the course goes beyond the weight loss.

Clara Rosana P., 42

Today I accept receiving praise, I eliminated 33lbs without trying, I just changed my mind and that was the biggest change I could, I’m sure that from now on I will be able to finish everything I want in my life.

Paula Lemos V. N., 32

I wish I’d done this sooner but better now than never at all, is a way different approach to reprogram our emotions. I’ve stepped into my feminine and I’m taking care of myself.

Ana Paula B., 46

I have discovered that I deserve to be happy, I am responsible for my choices and I am not alone on this journey!

Carla Santos., 35

Ana is so passionate and genuine with her approach that I knew after our first session she was the thing I had been looking for. I feel more confident in my body than I’ve ever done and that’s after 20+ years of hating my body!

Natalia Duque N., 37

 I knew that I needed something different as the thought of trying to diet feeling the way I did was never going to work. I can’t believe the difference in myself over the last few months. My eating habits have completely changed, I’m taking more care of myself and I love to do this now.

Gláucia Cunha M., 33

It was a great trip of discovery, I feel happier and with self-esteem recovered, today I learned to love myself and my relationship with people has improved a lot, besides having control in front of the food is priceless. I just have to thank the program and the group’s affection.

Simone Jimenez H., 32

I did not recognize myself, it’s incredible that I do not feel any more hostage to the food, whenever I see it, I can face it today and win this battle.




Modules (27)




Module 1: Understanding Your Self-Sabotage

In this module you will understand where your sabotage comes from and why you do what you do. Understanding the real reasons will bring clarity to your weight loss process.

Module 2: Creating Your New Lean Reality

In this module you will learn how to start modeling your lean mentality and actually slimming from the inside out.

Module 3: Awaken! Identify Self-Sabotage

In this module you will identify the most common saboteurs that may be acting on your weight loss and a powerful tool for you to apply in your routine and beat them.

Module 4: Planning a New Life Style and Maintaining Habits

In this module you will know how to keep new habits in your life and how to stick with them, you will break free of old habits and create your new, lean version.

How does the Discover Weight Loss Within You will work?

As soon as you join, you get access to the entire program, all 8 modules plus the bonuses, all housed in your private member’s area. You can also join our private Facebook support group to help you on your journey. All these woman are walking the same path and will be an invaluable support for you as you will be for them.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can access everything from wherever you are on whatever digital device. The modules have been designed and created to be comfortably completed over 10 weeks, but you can take as long as you wish (you have lifetime access remember, not that you need a lifetime of course!) and you cannot fall behind.  This is your journey and you go through it at the speed which is right for you.

The modules can be dipped in and out of, so should you wish to revisit any topics at anytime, you can. It’s as simple as that. The modules are a combination of videos, audios, worksheets and mediations. Everything you need to become a ‘normal’ eater.

How Much Does The Program Will Cost Me?

How Much Does Your Dieting and Weight Obsession REALLY Cost You?

  • How much is your social life affected because you don’t want to go out as you feel unconfident in your clothes & body or you panic at any invitation because of what might be on the menu?
  • How much is your love life affected because you don’t like your partner seeing you naked as you feel uncomfortable in your own skin or you stay at home and don’t go on dates as you don’t feel sexy, slim or good enough?
  • How much time is spent planning meals, exercise regimes and calories?
  • How much energy do you spend hating your body as you feel that your weight is holding you back from feeling worthy, good enough and confident
  • How many times throughout the week do you compare yourself to other women?
  • How much energy is wasted fixated on your weight when you could be living your life to the full?

Are You Unsure If This Is Your Time?


Will you still be in the same daily battle with food and weight and not living your life to the full as you are still stressing about how you look and feel?

Spending every precious moment of your life in a vicious cycle of dieting/binging and feeling guilty and wondering what the hell is wrong with you?

Waiting for life to happen…..??



How much have you wasted on gym memberships, weight loss programs, diet products?? If you are anything like me it was a significant amount of $$ not to mention the emotional stress that came with it all.

Is this only for women?

Good question! In short, not necessarily as the content of the Discover the Weight Loss Power Within You would help men as much as women. However, I only aim this program at women as this is who I personally prefer to work with as women have a few different issues around food/weight/body image which men don’t. I’m happy to have a chat with you though should you or someone you know be curious about the program and they are male.

I’m not sure if this is right for me

I totally get that you may be a little skeptical as I’m guessing (if you are anything like I used to be,) you’ve already thrown a lot of time, money and effort towards your body and eating. However, I promise you that this is a very unique approach to helping you resolve this once and for all. Rest assured that you are not only in safe hands but also in very competent ones too, with having worked with thousands of women close to 10 years from literally across the globe. You can also try out the first 2 weeks of the program risk-free, so should you decide within 7 days of starting that it really isn’t for you, let me know and I’ll refund you.

What is the time commitment?

Although you will need to dedicate some time to the program, it is not excessive. No essays or that kind of thing, I would suggest that you spend 2 hours per week with the material, perhaps a little more or even less depending on what feels right for you. As everything is online you can listen and watch things on your phone, and you have access to them wherever you are.

Are you ready to make peace with your body and take your life back so food and weight obsession are no longer a part of it?

Purchasing now you get a exclusive module with lots of gifts!
Access within 4 hours from this time that you visit this page!


Bonus 1: Learn Your Motivation Types

Bonus 2: Exercise Gratitude Technique

Bonus 3: Nutrition Tips Pdf

Bonus 4: How to Boost Motivation for Workouts

Bonus 5: Special Tool to balance the Wheel of Your Life and Acquire your Goals

Bonus 6: Be More Intuitive – Secret to Mindfulness

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Ana Patrício

Weight loss coach, creator of the WLPW – Weight Loss Power Within Program.

After I struggled for so many years with my weight and tried many ways to get in shape (diets, weight loss pills, hours at the gym, hypnosis and nothing works…). I discover that the only way to get the results I was looking for, was by reprogramming my emotions. Since then, I have helped hundreds of people with my coaching and trainings.

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