3 Types of Content to Brings you New Clients and Sets You for Success

3 Types of Content to Brings you New Clients and Sets You for Success

Are you producing content and consistently being friend zoned by your audience?

I’ve been there for a long time. I would create so much content, spend hours trying to create value content and help my ideal clients writing and posting many times but I wasn’t making sales.

Even though I thought I was hitting many pain points of my ideal clients, I was struggling to attract high-paying clients asking for my services.

Until I invested in myself, even though I was so afraid to do it, but I did it anyway.

I was able to come up with 3 new types of content that helped me to stand out and attract my dream clients to have conversations that turned into sales. 

This method increased my conversions also in dm’s because I was able to address objections with my content and that qualified better the people I was attracting to have conversations.

If you are struggling to attract high-paying clients asking for your services… you need this 3 step process.

Step #1: Create educational content, show people what is a problem that they have and how to solve it. 

Why? This is going to set you as the expert. If you understand the pain points of your audience, they start to look at you as someone that can help them to solve the problem. 

Step #2: Engaging content is as well so important, sharing parts of your personal life and showing you are a real person. 

Why is this important? People buy with emotions and they see they have similar aspects of their lives that match yours. Sharing your personality will help your audience to connect with you.

Step #3: Sales driven content. If you have a solution for helping your ideal clients, you need to talk about it. People need to see your offers to start thinking about working with you.

These steps are essential if you want to start attracting paying clients wanting to know more about your services and how to work together. 

In my program The Profit Code you’ll learn how to turn your content into new sales in your business.

This program is perfect for coaches who want to have their message on point and create offers that increase their monthly revenue.

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