3 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Content if you Want Magnetise Your Ideal Client to You

3 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Content if you Want Magnetise Your Ideal Client to You

Hey! Let me share this with you and take off my chest, common mistakes I see coaches doing that’s not bringing your ideal client to sign up with you.

These are 3 mistakes I see over and over when it comes to creating content intended to attract ideal clients to a paid offer.⠀

The first thing is really when comes to your language. It’s it clear to your ideal client and also attractive to them?

You need to speak your ideal clients’ language so they consider working with you and this requires you to ask them what they want and need, so you can get your content on point. ⠀

The mistakes I see people doing it and questioning why their content is not converting are:⠀

Trying to inspire only, instead of speaking about what is going on in life situations of their ideal client, what are the struggles of their ideal clients, this is important because no one is buying something for the sake of buying, they’ll consider to buy if they see it is a way to solve a problem.⠀

Not talking about their offers, because they think it is too early or they aren’t expert enough to present an offer or solution to their ideal clients.⠀

Here is the mistake, when your ideal client sees that you have an offer that speaks directly to them, they may don’t buy it right away, as they need to see it a couple times, but when they see it multiple times, they’ll start considering buying it. ⠀

I see a lot of coaches, instead of speaking about their clients struggles or offering their services, posting only inspirational types of content and they get lots of comments of “how nice, that’s so inspirational” but no real results of people buying or messaging you wanting to know more about your programs.⠀

This type of content won’t move the needle further, if you want to see clients considering work with you, you need a real strategy around your content creation to bring high-level income, that includes content straight to the point.⠀

Not being visible, hiding behind text posts and not getting on video, people don’t know who is the real person behind their brand. ⠀

Here is the truth, it won’t ever be the perfect time where your ideal client will knock on your door asking you to sell, you need to decide on that and offer your services, no one will ask you to do it.⠀

If you are in business it’s no other way to do that rather you show up for your brand and let them know why your offer is the best option to solve the problem they have.⠀

You need to handle objections in your content beforehand, so when you’re on sales calls you’re talking with people that just want the final details to sign up with you.⠀

You need to know the person you’re speaking to and say what you mean and mean what you say, people are looking for you leading them and you can’t do that if you’re just too worried about being nice and not saying the things that they need to hear. ⠀

Here is the thing, the content that converts is the one that speaks the language of your ideal client, follows the “non-fluff” rule and positions you as the expert to help your ideal client, because you know what you’re talking about.⠀

If you need support creating a message that gets your prospects asking about your programs and knocking at your door, you gotta be intentional. Let’s chat more about how you can book more clients into your programs and start seeing traction in your results. ⠀

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